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CARLSim: An Open-Source Community Resource for Large-Scale, Detailed Spiking Neural Network Research and Development

Authors: Jeff Krichmar

Presentation type: Invited talk at SNUFA 2023 online workshop (7-8 Nov 2023)


Simulation systems that support Spiking Neural Networks (SNNs) are more relevant than ever for research and algorithm development. SNN models have been used to understand the brain, accelerate machine learning algorithms with highly parallel or event-driven systems, and support neuromorphic computation. The CARLsim SNN framework was one of the first Open-Source simulation systems that utilized CUDA GPUs to address the tremendous parallel processing demands of natural brains. It has evolved over a decade and a half in numerous scientific research projects requiring efficient biologically plausible modeling at scale. Currently in its sixth major release, CARLsim supports the latest versions of operating systems, development tool chains, multi-core computers, and GPUs. It runs on a range of platforms; from Notebooks up to the NVIDIA DGX-A100 supercomputer and is used in biologically plausible simulations for the computational neuroscience community and efficient implementations of machine learning algorithms. In this talk, I will discuss CARLsim’s current capabilities, upcoming features, and future plans.

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