SNUFA 2021

Like last year this online workshop brings together researchers in the field to present their work and discuss ways of translating these findings into a better understanding of neural circuits. Topics include artificial and biologically plausible learning algorithms and the dissection of trained spiking circuits toward understanding neural processing. We have a manageable number of talks with ample time for discussions.

This year’s executive committee comprises Chiara Bartolozzi, Sander Bohté, Dan Goodman, and Friedemann Zenke.

Key dates

The workshop will take place 2-3 November, 2021 (please note change of date from original announcement).

Abstract submission will close 1 October, 2021.

Registration and submissions

Registration is free. Click here to register.

Abstract submission is now open. Click here to submit an abstract.


Invited speakers:

Final agenda to be decided.


Last year’s workshop

You can read last year’s meeting report here, watch last year’s talks and discussions on Crowdcast or YouTube.